Atlantic mackerel is a predatory fish of the mackerel family! It has an average body length of 30-40 cm, but can grow up to 70 cm. Mackerel is a valuable commercial fish. Her meat is fat (up to 16.5% fat), rich in vitamin B12, without small bones, tender and tasty.
Herring or Baltic herring. Fish from the herring family. It is the national fish of Estonia and has been the main fish on the Estonian table for centuries. Length up to 20 cm, weighs 25-50 g. Lives in the Baltic Sea, in its freshwater Curonian and Kaliningrad bays.
Sprats is one of the most important commercial fish in the Baltic Sea. Sprat are small fish. On average, they are 9 - 12cm long. Sprat is a marine schooling pelagic fish that lives both in fully salted and desalinated water.
Herring is a sea schooling fish. Breeds in the Baltic, White and Barents Seas. The average length of the fish is 20-35 cm. Herring is an incredibly healthy fish - The amount of protein in herring is 15 to 20%; it contains many essential amino acids, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E.
Smelt it is a migratory fish that is found in large amount in the North and Baltic Seas, in the Pärnu Bay, where it is an important fish for the fishing industry. The smelt has a fatty and tender pulp, its meat has a characteristic fresh smell, reminiscent of the smell of cucumbers
or watermelon. The fish is very easy to clean and has practically no scales.
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